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After School Languages Program

We are suggesting the following schedule:























Note:  We will need to have a minimum of 5 children in each group to be able to open a group.  (7 children maximum)

Groups are setting according to their children Spanish abilities.  Please let us know when you are registering your children if they have or have not taken Spanish before.  

Languages (*)

* Spanish-Mandarin-Italian-French-German-Japanese-Portuguese


Each month the children will work developing a project.


Registering & Payment

The payment is by month $100/child

Trial class is $20/child



Fees for classes must be paid by the first class for the entire session.


Missed Classes and Refunds

Classes you miss for any reason may be made up by talking with the teacher about his availability, but only during the current month in which they are missed. Make-ups may not be carried over to another session. In cases of emergency or serious illness, credit may be extended toward a future class, but only for classes missed after the office is notified. Refunds can only be given to students who withdraw before the second meeting of a class; all refunds will incur a $10 cancellation fee.


Private classes

Private classes can be scheduled at a day and time convenient for you. The cost is $50 per hour, and there is a 10% discount if you pre-pay for 10 lessons ($45). Private classes can be rescheduled with one prior business day notice without incurring late cancellation fees.



If you are ready to register and pay for your children use these links.   

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