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CHICLE accepts applications from individuals with prior experience who are looking for part-time teaching, translating, or interpreting work.

We teach many languages, to both adults and children.

We translate primarily into Spanish but also to and from many other languages. We occasionally do transcriptions, again primarily from Spanish to English. Our interpreting work is also primarily for Spanish-speakers although we occasionally get requests for French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Karen, Burmese, and Korean as well as other lanuages.

When we have a specific, immediate need, we will post it on this page.

Currently Seeking:

  • Swedish Instructor for Adults
  • Spanish Instructor for Children
  • English Instructor for Children/Adults

Please complete our short online job application and  also send us a CV or resume.

Applicants to teach adults, translators, and interpreters will be interviewed by Perla Saitz. Applicants to teach children will be interviewed by Alicia Vila.

When you are hired, you will be given a packet of forms to fill out. This includes a contract for teachers and for interpreters/translators and a federal I-9 form, for which you must show us a valid work permit (green card) or U.S. Social Security card.

We will ask all prospective teachers to observe our Spanish or other language classes so that they have a good idea of how we teach and of the “CHICLE style.”

Please call 919.933.0398 or contact us for more information.